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I like fandoms a lot.
Real life people think I'm on drugs.
This is how the BBC ruined my life.

Bob Fossils Guide to Animals →


Anteater = Mr Nose Licker
Bear = The Russian Hairy Carpet Man
Cheetah = The Zoom Zoom Guy
Dingo = Baby Eater
Elephant = The Grey Leg Face Man
Frog = Mr Green Hoppy Pants
Gorilla = Can’t Remember. Must Consult Talk Box
Hog = Big Bacon Belly Boy
Iguana = Lime-tailed Slime Time
Jackal =…

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I feel like this video sums up my sense of humor in every way

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The Mighty Boosh, Soho Theatre Sunday 29th 2013

I don’t think any words will do this night justice, but here are some pictures from their first gig in 5 years which i had the pleasure of being at :’) we were only allowed to take pictures before the interval/actual performance/best bits but here are some of what I managed to get; my camera died so I had to use my iPod, so please excuse the bad quality :(

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